Stress corrosion cracking

Tonight’s class (and our last lecture for the semester in corrosion engineering) focused on SCC and t’was so stressful. Even if I learned a lot in this class, I think the last few topics were quite dragging, a true snooze fest considering our class hours. Anyway, I think the discussion today was just too long that it siphons every single ounce of energy inside your body and your focus is divided between what’s being taught by the lecturer and on trying (TRYING) to stay awake in class.

I tried to doodle things just to keep awake (well, during my undergrad days, if I sensed that the topic was easy and that it’s going to be boring, I’ll just go down to the cafeteria and get some food, or just simply sleep while the instructor teaches [it’s perfectly fine back then considering the amount of requirements they give us that keeps us awake till dawn]) and my attempt to show “interest” in tonight’s lecture produced this:

Office Lens_20150512_192833_processedI thought of painting a wolf (probably an Arabian wolf) in the past but it’s only now that I’ve thought of what the painting would look like. It’s going to be a lone wolf sitting alone on a pile of rock while the crescent moon illuminates its surroundings, revealing the mysteries of the desert at night. I just hope that I could start on it once the semester ends so that I could have a starting piece for Al Dhi’b bin Hilal (that’s what I’ll call the set of paintings I’ll make where I’ll use the wolf and the crescent moon as the subjects)


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