XVII #60

I’d fondle her palm
Melt in her gaze filled with charm
My heart is now calm.


Morning Glory

I invited you to watch a gig of your favorite band. You said yes. I felt like I won the lottery.

While we’re in the pit, the spotlight suddenly focused on me. The band invited me to go onstage and sing with them. Midway through the song, I asked you to go up too. At the end of the chorus, I held your hand. You blushed while my heart melted.

It was already late so I offered you a ride home. You welcomed me into your home and made me some coffee. I asked you not to add sugar. As I was sipping that brown liquor from that porcelain cup, a familiar tune played from afar.

It was from my alarm clock.


Oh dear muse
I wish you were here with me
So that we could watch
The sunrise together

Oh dear muse
I wish I could hold your hand
Sing you love songs
While we’re staring at the stars

Oh dear muse
How I wish we could share
A humble dinner together
A couple of rolls and roast

Oh dear muse
I wish you knew how much
I long for you
Please, come back.