XVII #59

A warm ray of light
Kissed the muzzle of the wolf
Winter’s gone, spring’s here


Soiled Fingertips

Found myself staring at the ceiling for over half an hour since I was trying to come up with ways on how to solve a mishap that happened in the plant earlier. A solution came and voila, production line is up and running again. I still have this “noise” inside my head which greatly affects my productivity so I decided to take a break: get some oil pastels and draw.

I decided to come up with a color scheme for the wolf and crescent moon painting I’m going to do (hopefully) after my finals week.

WP_20150515_10_47_40_Pro (2)

Three things I realized after doing this drawing:

1. I should get new oil pastels.

2. I should study how the back view of a sitting wolf looks like.

3. Camera of phone sucks when taking photos of drawings/paintings.


I find doodling/drawing/painting really helpful when it comes to organizing my thoughts. There’s a twister of thoughts in there and trying to make “art” (and failing at making good “art”) seems to calm the storm and help me pick out the good thoughts/ideas that could be beneficial later on.